Looking After Hedgehogs

The simplest way to tell the difference between an injured hedgehog and a hog that has simply woken to find more food, is that an injured hedgehog is likely to be seen wandering in the daylight. A hedgehog that has woken for more food, or to move from a waterlogged nest will more often stick to the nocturnal patterns. An injured hog may have come under attack from a large dog, been caught by a strimmer, or it may have been hit by a car. If you feel you can adequately handle looking after an injured hedgehog – whether for the day before a rescuer can take them from you or until the hog is back to strength or, sadly, passes away – then it is important to be prepared.

If you are planning on looking after a hog during early December until the winter is over, you will need to weigh the animal. Hogs that are of 600g or above can be left outside to hibernate, provided they are well enough. Otherwise, they will need bringing inside. It is not wise to put the hedgehog in a garage that is being used, as they are very susceptible to exhaust fumes.

Many hedgehogs carry parasites, you can contact your local vet on how is best to tackle these. Ticks, mites, and fleas are incredibly common for hedgehogs to have. There are various ways to be rid of them. If your hog has open wounds, be vigilant and check for maggots as they can also fester away in them.

If you are rescuing a hog with the intention of returning him to the wild – which is what your intention should always be, if you are rescuing a wild creature – then do not attempt to civilise and tame the creature. If the hedgehog still tries to run and hide when you approach, encourage this behaviour. Not all humans will be as friendly toward your spiked house guest as you have been.

Hedgehogs are brilliant animals that need to be preserved as they are quickly becoming extinct. Having a hedgehog house is a great way to keep a hedgehog alive and stop them from being exposed to the general dangers that are present to them in the outside world. They always need a place to hibernate and by providing a safe place there’s no need for them to have to go out into the wild where other animals can attack them and they also won’t have to go into the streets where they could be run over.

Fighting Fit – Support Equine Health With Equestpramox Wormers

EquestPramox is a leading equine wormer product. This powerful wormer can control and prevent a number of common harmful parasitic worms including redworm, tapeworm and roundworms.

Parasitic worms can be harmful to the health of your horses. These nasty parasites are very common and can be easily picked up from infested pastures, feed and stables. As well as causing poor coat hair and fatigue, these parasites can also cause serious conditions such as malnutrition, colic and pneumonia. This is why it is essential that you treat your horses with EquestPramox regularly to provide year-round protection.

Deworming Schedules

You will need to schedule in a programme of deworming if you own or care for horses. This will help to keep your horses healthy and free from parasitic worms. If you are unsure about how to get started then you can find lots of great horse wormers advice online. This will provide more information about the types of products available and how often they will need to be used. You can also get more advice and support from your vet.

It is a good idea to take care of deworming horses yourself. There are many excellent cheap horse wormers on the market that are easy to administer. This will save you money on vet bills and ensure you can afford to protect your horses from parasitic worms year-round. You can buy some of the leading horse wormers cheap online along with many other great animal healthcare products.

Administering Horse Wormers

It can be difficult to administer any kind of medication to animals. In most cases they will not understand you are trying to help them and may feel very stressed by the treatment. This is why it is important to find modern treatment options that can offer easier methods. For example EquestPramox is available in a simple to use gel form. This is stress-free to administer for both you and your horses and makes it easy for you to keep up with your deworming schedule.

Always make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions when using equine wormers. Check that the product can treat the most common types of parasitic worms. Also check that you understand the dosage instructions fully before you administer the wormer. This will help to make sure you are getting the best effects from the horse wormers you are using.

Buying Online

You can find specialist suppliers online offering wormers for all types of animals. It is a good idea to choose leading equine wormer brands as these will have been extensively tried and tested for effective and safe use. When buying online make sure you only use reputable websites that can offer a full customer contact and refund service to protect your consumer rights.

You can find some great prices on leading products like EquestPramoxonline. This is a fast and effective way for you to start scheduling a programme of deworming for your horses.

What is Life Like as a Veterinary Office Receptionist?

The drill at this particular reception desk is probably a lot like the one at your vet’s office with ringing phones, questions, yapping dogs and meowing cats and more questions. Endless questions.

Alyssa Antrosiglio is one of as many as four people working the front desk at the Power Road Animal Hospital in suburban Phoenix, Arizona, and she juggles it all with surprising calm.

“You have to be a good multi-tasker,” she explains. “That’s just part of being a receptionist.”

As the morning crush begins to subside, Alyssa shows me how she prepares the medical files for the next day. Records.Updated page for the scheduled procedure. Surgery release form. Cage card. And a TabBand Max animal identification collar.

She writes the date, owner’s name, and animal’s name on a 20-inch long white TabBand Max and includes it in the folder, ready for tomorrow’s rush hours. Boarding animals will get a red pet identification band. When the pet shows up, it’s an easy step to put on the collar and snip off any excess length of material.

It’s even a good idea to take off the animal’s permanent collar and hand it to the owner, to avoid losing it or having it get in the way.

In the controlled chaos of a veterinary clinic, it’s hard to imagine how the staff could keep everything straight without on-animal identification. In spite of that, lots of clinics still count on cage cards and flawless memory to distinguish one black cat from another.

Face it, we’re not perfect. As Dr. Larry Neiman puts it brutally, “I wouldn’t operate without them. Somebody is going to screw up.”

That’s why organizations such as the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and the American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA) Professional Liability Insurance Trust call for positive animal identification.

Consultant Dr. David Goodnight says he thinks any animal separated from its owner needs a band, “Even if dropped off for an hour or less.”

“We make a show of it,” says Sharon DeNayer, Practice Manager of Windsor Veterinary Clinic in Colorado. “It’s important for people to know that we’re doing everything possible to keep their pets safe while they’re here.”

Unfortunately, some clinics have given up on pet ID bands after the ones they bought didn’t work. They fell off. The writing smeared when wet. The colors ran and turned a white poodle blue. If you’ve had a bad experience, consider testing a different brand. Try both TabBand and your current collars. Your own side-by-side comparison will sort out which will work better.

Back at the front desk, Alyssa Antrosiglio snags some fast-bouncing client questions. The price of a procedure.A brand of liquid pain-killer. A few years ago she fielded calls for a shoe company and says she prefers this kind of stress. “After all,” she smiles, “where else would I get to play with puppies and kittens all day?”

Common Dog Health Problems – Symptoms and Answers

One of the problems that pet owners will have is a dogs health problem because these are the times when visits to vets and a lot of expenses will happen. There are a lot of pups health problems and at times like this, old beliefs such as a dog having a wet nose means she is healthy should be disregarded.

When it comes to the pups coat, if he or she is healthy, it should be shiny and full because it means they are getting the right nutrients. When your dog’s fur is showing signs of thinning or very oily, then something may be wrong with him. Some dog health problems are abnormalities in the skin such as redness, scabs, lumps, and flakes that can lead to skin diseases or cancer in the body. If possible, make sure that there are no fleas or parasites in your dog’s body because these creatures can suck the blood of your dog, leaving him or her lacking of energy. If you don’t address this at once, your dogs can die from these tiny but dangerous insects. Since you don’t know really what is causing the symptoms, it is best to bring him or her to the vet to check it up.

The pups eyes can also tell when your dog is healthy or not. It must be bright and lively and not have the dull and sleepy look. There is a part in the eyes where it should always have a healthy pink color. If the color becomes pale, it means you have dog health problems whether in the eyes or anywhere in the body. Also, there should be no unusual discharge like green and yellow fluids, and should not have any odor. And speaking of odors, there should not be any coming out of the holes in your dog’s body such as the ears and nose. Always keep it clean and free from bacteria. When it comes to nose, a discharge from it should be watery and clear and has no odor. If so, you may have dog health problems.

Now we go to the teeth. Just like with people, pups gums should have a rosy pink and a little bit of black color as an indication that your dog is in good health. Other colors and bleeding are signs that your dogs is having some dental problems such gingivitis or bad odor. Have this checked with your vet too before all their teeth fall out. Last, but definitely not the least, always watch out for your dog’s weight and body temperature. If he or she is too thin, then he’s not eating much and is weak. If he or she is so fat, then your dog is obese. Always look after their body to prevent fatal illnesses.

These are some of the symptoms of dogs health problems that you should watch out for in order to prevent your dog from becoming sickly. Your dog expects you to do your part in taking care of him or her, so do your responsibility as a pet owner by taking care of them and watching out for problems.

The Symptoms of Dog Heart Disease

Heart disease in dogs can cause many problems. The heart is very important because it pumps blood throughout the dog’s body. It delivers nutrients and oxygen to all the cells, giving nourishment. When a dog has h. disease, the heart becomes a lot weaker. As a result, there are not enough nutrients, as well as oxygen, to circulate the whole body. It can also cause the buildup of fluid in the heart, chest and stomach.

There are two basic types of canine h. disease. The first is called Chronic Valvular Disease. In this case, blood leaks through faulty valves in the heart. The heart is forced to double the work it does, because of the inefficient circulation. The second type of dog heart disease is called the Myocardial Disease. In this case, the muscles in the heart thicken. This hinders in the smooth pumping motion of the heart, many dogs get these diseases. In cases that are not so severe, it’s easy to live with the disease as long as your dog eats a healthy, balanced meal and exercises regularly, it won’t be a problem. Remember that this is a disease of old and obese dogs, so keep your pup healthy and active.

There are many signs that your dog has h. disease. You will notice that he doesn’t like to play anymore – not even a walk around the block. He will be very weak and lack energy. The dog will also have a lot of difficulty breathing, sometimes even while resting. S/he will start coughing more frequently. The stomach will be swollen, and he will start to lose weight. In some cases, the dog will faint. These symptoms can be hard to differentiate from normal doggy reactions. This is why most h. diseases in dogs are left untreated, sometimes for years. This causes a lot of damage to the heart.

Heart disease is caused by a lot of things. Many factors contribute to the onset of the illness. The first and most important factor is the body weight. The more weight your dog puts on, the higher the risk of him developing h. disease. Age also has something to do with it, as dogs age, their hearts begin to weaken, especially without exercise. Lastly, some dog breeds are more susceptible to h. disease. For heart problems concerning the valves, smaller breeds are more prone. However, weakened heart muscles are often found in bigger, obese dogs.

Dogs with heart problems require constant care. Your veterinarian will prescribe the best treatment for your pup, and it’s important that you follow it precisely. Make sure that your dog gets enough exercise. If he is carrying more weight than what is recommended, make an effort to help him shed a few pounds. Control your dog’s diet, and don’t let him eat a lot of fatty food. Medication might be prescribed for maintenance of the disease. Take your dog to the vet regularly once he is diagnosed with h. disease, so you can see how it is progressing.

Do Online Vets Really Help?

When you have questions about your cat, dog or other animal companion, it can be hard to know where to turn. If you are worried about odd behavior or have a simple question, you may not want to take your animal to a vet and pay for a full exam or a vet’s time just to have your quick question answered. Likewise, if it is an evening or a weekend or your vet doesn’t have an appointment available, you may want to get fast answers about something going on with your animal. The Internet can provide you with a place to do that, but you need to make sure you are actually asking experienced online vets so you get fully informed answers to your questions.

Getting Help from Online Veterinarians

To get help from online vets, it is important to first make sure that the veterinarians are actually licensed experts. You can browse the website where the service is offered to find out whether the vet you are working with is licensed or not.

As you are browsing the website to learn about the services offered by the online vets, it is also a good idea to look at the features and functionality of the website itself. Does the site offer a lot of good information that seems accurate, relevant and timely? Those who are serious about providing information and care to pet owners will generally have an informative site where there is lots of detailed information about symptoms, diseases and other relevant issues affecting animals. You can tell a lot about the type of information you will receive based on the quality of the website as a whole so be sure that you check out the accuracy and readability of the information before you decide to trust the advice of a vet.

Is There a Cost?

Typically, in order to find an online vet that will actually be able to give you a thorough and professional answer to your question, you will need to pay at least a small fee. Any answers to specific questions that are offered for free might not come from a true licensed veterinarian and you may not be able to trust the information that is provided to you.

To make sure you find online vets that will provide you with the real help that you need in answering your questions or dealing with problems with your animal, look for a site that allows you to pay based on what the advice is worth or that offers some type of guarantee that you pay if you are satisfied with the accuracy and professionalism of the answers.

Online Vets Can Help

Provided you find a truly licensed, educated and experienced vet, the online vet can help you to get the information and details you need. An online vet can give you details on simple questions and medical issues and can let you know when problems or symptoms are cause for concern so you will be better equipped to know when to take your pet to the vet for an in-person check up.

Some Effective Dog Training Tips For All Dog Lovers

Importance of dog training tips

Dogs require early training for proper growth, so for this these dog-training tips will help you a lot to put your efforts in growing your pooch as an obedient, healthy and happy pooch. In case you are a first time owner, these tips will work wonders.

First thing, one need to understand is that training a dog is not at all difficult, or a waste of time. Just like a child, what a pooch learn in his beginning will remain with them throughout his life. Ensuring the right puppy training tips will make an optimistic effect on how one approaches training and how well his pet accept it.

Puppy training tips

The connection and communication that one has with his dog through discipline, affection and exercise is the base of training. Below are five dog-training tips that may help one to effectively train his pooch.

Socialization: it is a method of exposing a new pup with the variety of practices in a comfortable, safe and positive way. The biggest fault that a puppy owner makes is that they think their pooch is too small to be trained and they should keep at home until they grow old. However, they are wrong puppies under the age of 14 weeks are best to train and more confident. Therefore, it is better to carry your puppy with you wherever you go.

Disease Prevention: small dogs do not have a good immune function and hence should be protected from dogs of unknown vaccination or are of contaminated areas. Consult your vet before taking your pup to a dog park. Make sure of a puppy socialization class and take him to play with the known dogs only.

House Breaking: An effective way to house break a dog is crate training. Crate training is not at all cruel. Infect a crate trained dog will his crate will feel comfortable while staying in a crate and he can go anywhere with his owner.

Destructive Behavior: canines have a habit to chew like crazy and this will continue until the adult teeth come out. Detain the puppy in an X-pen, while they are unsupervised so that they cannot chew anything. Give your pup a wide range of chew toys. If a puppy is mouthy over anybody do not punish him instead put him away and give him something to chew.

Begin Training on Day One: Ideally, a dog should be trained from the first day he opens his eyes. The earlier a dog is trained is better, because this will develop a creative and intelligent dog earlier.

While applying all given puppy training tips, practice patience, and do not be too tough on your dog! Always keep in mind that all efforts you put in today will help you in future.

Frontline Plus is a Trusted Flea Control Brand

There are several flea control brands available for dealing with fleas and ticks and most pet owners trust the best one but there are few owners who randomly use products for their loving pets which may create harmful effects.

Various studies and veterinarian reports suggest that from all the flea control products available Frontline Plus for dogs and cats is safer to apply to pets.

It is advisable to study the product details, its ingredients and effects in treating the fleas and ticks on your darling pooch.

If you find your pet suspicious for fleas or other parasites or if it is showing symptoms of flea attacks such as itching, scratching or behavioral problems then it is advisable to avail Frontline Plus for dogs available in different size or Frontline Plus for cat.

Most of the veterinarians suggest Frontline flea control products to deal with fleas on pets. If you want a quick solution for fleas on your pet then go for these treatments.

Frontline Plus products are available in different forms such as Frontline Spot On, Frontline spray, topical solutions etc. It is suggested to check with a veterinarian to avail the suitable flea control medicine.

Fleas have a life cycle of four stages egg, larva, pupa and adult fleas; if you want to kill fleas from your pet then it is necessary to kill all the life stages of fleas from your pet and surroundings as well.

Flea control will also avoid unnecessary skin problems and infection to your pet. Many experienced pet owners also suggest to avail Frontline plus to avail benefits such as:

If you want to help your pooch, then immediately speak to a veterinarian and if advised to avail Frontline Plus products then go to online shop GenericFrontlinePlus and avail the product.

To find out more information about the product and fleas one can visit given online shop and can read product information as well as information about fleas on their blog.

So what are you waiting for? Let your pet live with its terms, you just need to take good care of them with trusted flea medications. All the best!

Find Out What is Animal Boarding and How it Can Help Pet Owners?

Pets are just like kids for pet owners who need extra care and attention just like small children get from their parents or other grown-ups in their family. It is the duty of pet owners to keep away their lovable pets from all kind of harms and meet their needs. If you have pet at home, then it is your responsibility to give then the love and care they deserve. You should take them to the veterinary clinic if they are not well and are in urgent need of doctors and proper medication. You should give them a comfortable environment, feed them in time and regard them as your child or friend. But, this pay not is possible all the time.

Sometime you may need to go out where you cannot bring your pet along with you. As a result, you may need to leave them at home or to your neighbor who might not take care of your pet on your behalf and do things like you. You may not want to leave your pet with such people who you are helpless. This is where, animal boarding works as an ideal option. Undoubtedly, animal boarding facility is one of the best and most reliable options available where you can leave your pet and go wherever you want without worrying about the accommodation and other basic needs of your pets.

No matter whether you have a dog, cat or any other animal pet, animal boarding is constant in offering all the basic facilities required by your pets while you are far away from them. There are many animal boarding in Las Vegas. You need to find the most suitable one for your pet through various methods available that can for sure help you in taking the right decision. One such method is to search online.

Browsing through various yellow pages can help you in taking a look at the wide offerings of the boarding facility. However, this may not be an actual indication of wide offerings if pet or animal boarding facility. So, it is better to personally visit the boarding faculty in your area and find out whether it is suitable for your pet or not. Also, another way to find a reliable animal facility in your area is to ask for referrals from friends and close relatives. These are the two ways that you can follow in order to come across a suitable pet care center in your area where you can leave your pet for some days while you are away from home.

Caring and Diligent Veterinarian Menomonee Falls

If you are looking for a good veterinarian, Menomonee Falls area is a place you can search as the area is famous for caring veterinarians and animal hospitals. A family pet clinic is very necessary at frequent intervals just like a clinic for humans is. At our vet hospitals all animals are treated like members of the family. They are not treated like mere animals but as individuals. We take care of all their physical and mental needs and our professionally experienced staff members know how to understand what a pet is trying to convey. It is very important to understand what pets feel as they are not able to say what they want to. Here, we understand the language of barks and mews and your pets feel safe and happy with us.

You can count on our doctors who are committed to their work and take care of each animal as if it is their own child. We have enough doctors and assistants to take good care of all the animals there. No pet is ignored and even if it is only for a routine check up, we give all the attention and time to every pet. We have emergency units for pets that need urgent care for example when they have swallowed something toxic or when they have stomach aches for no known reason. The combined efforts of our doctors set us apart from other vet clinics and put us in a superior position compared to all other vet clinics in and around the area.

You can count on our doctors for serious issues such as major or minor operations and complicated diagnosis of unknown diseases, surgeries, complex medical treatments and other elaborate processes as well. You can trust us with the safety and well being of your pets. We consider them to be just other living beings and not like haters. Our doctors and assistants are chosen not only on the basis of how efficient they are but also on the basis of how tactful and caring they are when it comes to handling animals. We choose animal lovers rather than the best of doctors according to their certificates. That does not mean that they are quacks. Of course our doctors are certified and authorized professionals but we give more importance to their attitude towards animals. To get a caring veterinarian Menomonee Falls is indeed, truly an ideal place.